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Notes for the Educated Consumer

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some short answers to common inquiries. SCROLL DOWN FOR FULL DOCUMENTS TO DOWNLOAD. 

Are Essential Oils just snake oil? 

No, snake oil is from snakes and essential oils are from plants. All joking aside, essential oils have been used widely in consumer products for hundreds of years. Many scented commercial items smell certain ways not to make them pretty but reflecting particular plants whose chemistry lends itself to the job. Essential oils and herbs are not the same and the EOs produced today are highly concentrated and far more powerful that in the past. There is a download available below. 

Since Essential Oils are natural, does that make them safe?

Completely safe? No. Safer than some synthetic options? Mostly. They are only as safe as the common sense you use to utilize the oils.   There are downloads below for child safety, pregnancy and lactation, and photosensitivity and oils. 

So what are the basics for safety?

Essential oils are not magical and have clear limitations. They also have incredible potential to supplement one's health and wellness  choices. Use common sense. Please be an educated consumer.

1. The small bottles of oils are concentrates. They need to be diluted if placed on skin.

2. All oils are not safe for everyone. Some oils should not be used around children, while pregnant, while taking blood thinners etc..

3. The top risks for problems with oils:

  • Internal use
  • Overuse causing reactions, called sensitization
  • Not keeping out of the reach of children
  • Irritating skin due to improper use
  • Breathing issues

There is a download below and I have created a mobile phone APP summarizing all that I have learned.  

So is this about sniffing stuff?

Not only .... while tobacco is natural and unsafe and has a different molecular structure than essential oils think about how the chemical nicotine can enter the body: inhaled (cigarette) or skin (chew, patch, gum). The unique chemistry of each essential oils can be used via inhalation or topically. What is best is when a pleasable scent is chosen for the therapeutic properties it has. The majority of my handcrafted products are topical yet have scents that are nice to be around. 

Are you selling pot? 

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a phytocannabinoid molecule in hemp. What I use is CO2 expressed hemp extract. Think hemp milk, paper or rope - not weed.  I live in Washington State where pot is legal but no - I do not use anything derived from marijuana. That is not a space I wish to enter at this time. What I use is hemp derived with below .3% THC (that is point three percent or three-tenths of a percent also known as trace or miniscule) and legal in all 50 states. 

Will I pass a drug test if I use your products?

My products do not contain THC,  which are screened for in testing. They will not cause a positive test result. If you have been smoking pot on the side, you will still not pass even if you have been using my great products.

I read in a magazine to  add lemon essential oil to my water. How many drops? 

None, just use a real lemon. The greatest risk of essential oils is internal use. There are many drugs which can interact with essential oils. It can wreak havoc on the digestive tract. If you have something which is of concern and you would like to explore that, talk with someone who is trained or get further training yourself.  Having said that, feel free to use prepared items with EOs in them like cough drops, toothpaste, etc..

I have this odd rash on my stomach, will a gluten-free diet or one of your salves help?

I am not a doctor, I do not play one on TV, I don't want to practice medicine nor take their place.  

Get a proper diagnosis before embarking on ANY diet. If the rash is of concern, get it looked at before adding another factor - like a reaction to one of my products-  to the mix. There is a download below on proper gluten-free diet testing. 

You are selling a product from a pyramid scheme?

The key factors to look for in determining a pyramid scheme versus legitimate direct home sales is, do you have to recruit anyone below you to reap the benefits of membership and do you have to keep buying or keep an inventory ?  For  dōTERRA the answer is no. No need to recruit to get a wholesale price, freebies, or other perks. No need to order every month. No HUGE kit to start with or inventory to maintain. You will never get a hard sale from me.   As a conscientious consumer I have membership or accounts with:

  • AAA ($124)
  • Costco ($60)
  • Amazon Prime ($99)
  • dōTERRA ($35)

None require me to buy anything yet each helps me get discounts, quality products, and rewards me for my loyalty. 

However I belong to a few programs where I get products or services that meet my needs and tastes and give me a discounts and benefits but I need to order or use the membership at specific intervals.

  • Local cellar's wine clubs (A few allocations a year)
  • Alaska Airlines Visa (with frequent flyer points - use      them or lose them)
  • American Express (with expiring points)

None of these are pyramids either. 

Where did that one product go?

I produce in small batches according to what I have in stock and current needs. Since I infuse some of my own oils, certain salves will be limited in supply until the flowers bloom again ir resins become available.  I also produce for holidays lead by my mood for the season. In sum, except for a few products - if you like it buy it, you may never see it again.